Basia Lipska Larsen is an internationally respected yoga icon. She is known for her dvds, books, illustrations and training programs. In Norway, where she resides, she is the most advanced ashtanga yoga female practitioner and instructor. Currently, she is the Yoga Product Manager and Lead Instructor at HiYoga studio in Oslo. Basia also works with concept development, offers private yoga classes and yoga for businesses.


With over two decades of experience in her field, she has held numerous yoga workshops, retreats, yoga teacher training programs, developed yoga studios and created yoga-inspired art work. 

Basia designed and choreographed the yoga sequence for the Norwegian DVD and book Yoga for gravide by Vibeke Klemetsen. She compiled the yoga CD Shanti Shanti together with the company Toshiba EMI and starred in the Japanese BS FUJI TV show and DVD called Yoga TV Mind Peace.

She's a sponsored athlete by Run & Relax and the creator of the DVDs: Ashtanga Yoga and Prenatal Flow, co-authored the Polish yoga book Joga dla kobiet w ciazy, and designed and illustrated Spirit Agenda in 2015. Basia stars as the main yoga instructor in PortalYogi´s online videos. She has been featured in several books, magazines and in the media. Basia is also a devoted mom and wife.


Contact Basia at info@basialipskalarsen.com for consultation, collaboration and concept development within the field of yoga, art and performance.


Photography showing the power and grace of the feminine.



Sketches and illustrations as a means of personal meditation.


Yoga Consultant

Concepts, collaborations, artistic direction in the realm of yoga for body and mind.