About me


Basia is an artist who has been involved with creative yoga concepts, education programs and wellness collaborations in the form of production, illustration, instruction, performance, art direction, styling, yoga sequencing, authoring. She is a creator of yoga-related projects such as developing and facilitating teacher trainings, designing, illustrating and writing books, and creating yoga sequences/movements.


Yoga Instruction




TBA Ashtanga Primary series &  Intermediate classes


Mondays & Thursdays Yoga Flow 21.00-21:50 JST:



Mondays & Thursdays Breathing Practice, Relaxation 22:00-22:20 JST:






You will have assistance with:

- Starting, committing and cultivating a steady yoga practice

- Technical assistance with particular postures you are challenged with, fear or dislike.

- Coaching your focus and energy levels through-out your yoga practice.

- Deepening your Ashtanga practice whether in the primary, intermediate or advanced series.

- Tips, yoga advice whether for teaching, training, photography or yoga profile, etc.


75min sessions. Contace me to set-up dates and times.


Yoga Teacher Trainings/ Workshops



Email: barbaralipskalarsen@gmail.com


Art Portfolio: IG barbaralipskalarsen

Yoga Portfolio: IG basiayogalala




Contact Basia for creative concepts and wellness collaborations in the form of production, illustration, yoga instruction, performance, art direction, styling, yoga sequencing, authoring.


Basia is an artist and respected yoga icon in Poland, Norway and Japan and internationally known for her dvds, books, yoga-inspired art and training programs that promote yoga and healthy living standards. As a certified yoga professional with over two decades of experience in her field, she has created and developed training programs and held numerous retreats and workshops. From 2015- 2020 she was involved in the development of HiYoga, and SATS - the largest fitness chain in Scandinavia as a Yoga Product Manager and Master Trainer. 


You will find Basia and her yoga flows in online programs in SATS as well as Poland´s PortalYogi´s online platform. She is the creator of the DVDs: Ashtanga Yoga and Prenatal Flow; designer and illustrator of the Norwegian book Yogafilosofi for Hjertet, the Spirit Agenda and co-author of Polish yoga book Joga dla kobiet w ciazy (Yoga for Pregnancy). She choreographed the yoga sequence for the Norwegian DVD and book Yoga for gravide, compiled the yoga CD Shanti Shanti and starred in the Japanese BS FUJI TV show and DVD called Yoga TV Mind Peace.