Basia is an artist and respected yoga icon in Poland, Norway and Japan who has been involved with creative yoga concepts, yoga training programs and wellness collaborations in the form of production, illustration, performance, art direction, styling, yoga sequencing, authoring. As a certified yoga professional with over two decades of experience in her field, she has created and developed training programs and held numerous retreats and workshops. From 2015- 2020, as Yoga Product Manager and Master Trainer, she was involved in the development of HiYoga of SATS - the largest fitness chain in Scandinavia. 


Classes & Trainings


200h RYT Ashtanga VInyasa Teacher Training 2023 (04-06.2023)

Info: Ashtanga Yoga Wroclaw


Mysore Classes Saturday 7:30-9:00am Ashtanga Yoga Wroclaw


ZOOM Ashtanga Yoga Full Intermediate Led Class Tuesdays 7:00-8:30am CET

ZOOM Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary & Half Intermediate Led Fridays 7:00-8:30am CET
Zoom class fee: 16-20EU


PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS   60min /30EU per session.






Yoga Portfolio: IG basia.larsen