According to yogic wisdom the early mornings, traditionally form 4am-6am, are auspicious. It is said this is the most effective time of the day to meditate. It is referred to as Brahma muhurta.

I had done my morning yoga practice at this time for years but never thought much about

this until this photoshoot. This particular morning I was picked up by the photographer and whisked away to the beachfront in Gdynia. We were the only ones there. Not a soul in sight. Drowsily and somewhat reluctantly I stretched and placed my limbs into some asanas, thinking dreamily of a cup of coffee.

The photographer suggested I climb unto a rock. Dipping the feet felt soothingly nice. Once I stepped onto the rock I needed to fully concentrate on my balance. I suddenly found myself standing there effortlessly, looking out towards the horizon, inwardly very quiet…profoundly still.